Ballroom Dance


Beginner Waltz

Are you excited to dive into the enchanting world of the Waltz? Our Beginner Waltz dance class is the perfect starting point for those eager to learn this graceful and romantic dance style.

The Beginner Waltz is characterized by its smooth, flowing movements and the elegant connection between partners. Whether you're dancing with a partner or flying solo, our class is tailored to introduce you to the essential steps, techniques, and styling that make the Waltz a truly mesmerizing dance.

What to Expect:

In this beginner Waltz class, you'll be led through the fundamentals of Waltz dancing in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. Our skilled instructor will lead you through a structured learning plan.

Attire and Requirements:

Wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement. While dance shoes are preferable, any clean and supportive footwear will work for beginners.

No previous dance experience is required—this class is designed especially for those new to the magic of Waltz dancing.

Schedule and Enrollment:

Our beginner waltz class begins on October 4th, meets weekly on Wednesdays for four weeks at 6 PM.

Each session 1 hour and takes place at The Main Event.

Whether you're dancing for fun, fitness, or to impress on special occasions, our beginner waltz class is the perfect way to begin your ballroom dance journey. Enroll today and let the enchantment of waltz sweep you away!

Country- Two Step

Saddle up and prepare to get in sync with the rhythmic pulse of the countryside in our 'Beyond the Basics' Two-Step dance class! If you've ever yearned to partake in the joy and camaraderie of country dancing, this class serves as the perfect stepping stone.

The Two-Step, a timeless country dance, offers an accessible entry point into this spirited world. Whether you identify as a cowboy, cowgirl, or simply possess a passion for dance, this class is designed to set your boots to tapping and your spirits soaring.

What to Expect:

In our 'Beyond the Basics' Two-Step country dance class, you'll embark on a journey to master the essentials of this iconic dance style. Our experienced instructor will guide you through a structured curriculum.

Attire and Requirements: Prioritize comfort! Opt for casual attire that facilitates free movement. We recommend cowboy boots or comfortable shoes with smooth soles to help you effortlessly glide across the dance floor.

You must have some knowledge of the beginning steps of Two Step to fully enjoy and benefit from this class.

Schedule and Enrollment:

Our 'Beyond the Basics' Two-Step country dance class meets weekly on Wednesdays for four weeks at 7 PM.

Each session lasts 1 hour and takes place at The Main Event.

Whether you're looking for a new hobby, a way to stay active, or a chance to embrace the country spirit, this class is your ticket to two-stepping fun. Enroll now, grab your partner (or come solo), and let's kick up some dust on the dance floor!

Meet Your Instructor

Missy Lindsey

Missy Lindsey, a native of Asheville NC has been dancing since she was three years old. She studied ballet, tap and jazz with the Fletcher School of Dance in Asheville for 18 years.

She continues to have coaching sessions to stay current in today’s dances. Competing in Ballroom and CountryWestern Dance professionally for over 33 years. Missy has been teaching ballroom, country, swing, salsa, and various other dances in Asheville, North Carolina, Hendersonville, North Carolina, and the Greenville, South Carolina area for over 33 years.

She was a Guest Instructor for the Celebrity Cruise line on Galaxy of the Sea. Teaching group and private classes. Teaching at the Allstar Dance Camp in Tunica, Mississippi, 2016-2023.Peach State Dance Festival Pro-Pro Female Open II Overall Dance Champion. Missy prides herself in producing hundreds of social dancers and many competitive champion dancers in the area, adding a personal touch to each lesson she teaches. Making it fun and comfortable for everyone. Traveling around to many different locations enables her to reach more people in all the different areas of North and South Carolina. Her motto is that “dance has something for everyone. “

Got Questions to Missy Lindsey? Contact at

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